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The Salt

There is a refreshing new artist out known as, "The Salt", aka Rylie Mills.  A positive uplifting Hip Hop artist that strays from the overly negative tone that is often so prevalent in that community.  The Salt originally started out as a solo punk music project. About a year ago he was writing songs for an acoustic album and, as a joke, Mills decided to do a cover of the song ?Tipsy? by J-Kwon with him rapping his lyrics to his song ?Audile Emotion?.  Much to his surprise, the song was wildly popular, and so the decision was made to shift from punk to hip hop.  In the year following, The Salt has refined his sound,  and used his new direction to release an album entitled ?I?m Glad I Can Amuse You? released by the Alien Patrol records.  The record was released digitally this month on and is currently available for download.   Anticipating the release Mills has been playing a lot of shows in his native Nebraska.  An extensive tour across the Midwest is in the works now to promote and support the release, with more tours to come.



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